Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Skanem are concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved. It is of utmost importance to us that we conduct our business with integrity, honesty and openness.

Why CSR is important to us

Skanem wants to be a responsible company that is safe, fair and attractive for employees to work in, a company that treats its partners in a fair and honest way and works with suppliers who follow similar principles. We have formulated how we want to act as a responsible company in our CSR Strategy.


Skanem participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and work actively to reduce our emissions. Our target is to reduce our environmental impact by 30% within 2020.


A Code of Conduct was introduced in Skanem in January 2014. This document lists out how we conduct ourselves, and our business, so that we comply with rules and regulations. It encourages all Skanem employees to always do the right thing. We have a local CSR representative at each Skanem location who helps with implementation and is also a ‘Go-to’ person, when in doubt.

We also have a whistleblower channel that can be used to report concerns. Click here.

Most Skanem production units are registered on the social responsibility platform Sedex. Sedex offers an electronic system for collecting and analysing information on ethical and responsible business practices in our Supply Chain. We register data in 4 key areas:

  • Labour Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • The Environment
  • Business Ethics

It is important that we systematically gather CSR related metrics. In order to assimilate data and to generate credible reports we use CEMAsys©, a web-based energy, travel, waste, water and carbon accounting platform.


Please find our 2017 CSR Report here.

For Our Customers

Like us, many of our customers prefer partnering with responsible suppliers. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier, so it is important for us to be transparent and share information on how we operate, and the consequences of our operation, with our stakeholders and customers in particular.

We participate in Social Responsibility Platforms and share our position openly.

  • Sedex is our common platform where all Skanem sites are registered and share updated information.
  • We are sharing our sustainable supply chain through Ecovadis. As of June 2018, we are followed by 24 customers on the Ecovadis sharing platform. We are currently at Silver level.
  • We also declare our environmental footprint by participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In 2017, we were at a B level in CDP.

For Skanem Employees

All Skanem employees are committed to comply with the Skanem Code of Conduct. They are strongly encouraged to always do the right thing.

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