Efficient supply chain

With over 100 years of experience in the packaging industry we follow the same high standard of quality across all the countries we operate in.


At Skanem we understand our customers’ needs. Our customers are both multinational as well as local brands and we supply cost efficient and logistically smart labelling solutions. We establish good customer relations and always work towards being a preferred supplier and partner.


We help to get the labels to their final destination. We have many solutions depending on the customers’ needs e.g. printing at location, printing closer to plant, transportation, storage etc. We have 15 Skanem production units across 9 countries and facilitate logistics in every way possible.


We understand the importance of differentiation in the retail market. We create attractive and functional labels for customers so that their product can stand out on the retail shelves. We continuously adapt to the changing market and work with the latest developments in label effects and label functionality.


We interact closely with our customers and coordinate design needs with the help of experienced artwork professionals at Skanem. Our online management system for artwork edits and approvals makes the design process faster, convenient and precise. We print as per the customers’ requirements and convenience. We use the best in technology for label printing and guarantee high quality labels.


We recommend the best application methods to our clients based on the type of labels that we produce for them. We also guide clients to the right applicators. We have past experience in application and also supply applicator machines.


Labels are important for the end consumer because attractive labels with correct information help end users in deciding which product to pick. Through smarter labelling solutions and the right labels we help our customers to connect effectively with end consumers.

Skanem is a leading producer of self adhesive labels with 11 production sites across 8 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
We offer innovative labelling solutions across different market segments.
We are closer to your markets around the world
With 11 production units, the Skanem team encompasses over 1000 employees and is spread across 8 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.