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November 10, 2016
Customer workshop co hosted by Skanem Poznan

Skanem Poznań co-hosted a special workshop dedicated to the cosmetic industry in Sep 2016. It was the second edition of the workshop and was organized by packaging producers affiliated with the Polish cosmetic producers association.  Skanem Poznan, a member of the association, together with other packaging material manufacturers (glass, plastic bottles, tubes, and cardboards), demonstrated how all parties concerned could work closer together to achieve the best and most cost effective development results.

The workshop name when translated means "peacocks, hens, and creatures" and it originates from the first edition of this workshop. The slightly unusual, but catchy workshop name is intended to show us in a nutshell how time and price pressure may degrade or destroy the product concept during the development process, and a fantastic image of a beautiful peacock can drift towards that of an ugly creature as a final result.