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August 30, 2011
New and user friendly metal can developed in Skanem Moss

Skanem Moss has developed a new 99mm diameter can to meet market needs. The market trend is showing a shift in requirements within the paint industry specifically from 1L, 1/2L and 1/3L cans to 0,75L cans, which is the size of the new Skanem can. Managing Director in Skanem Moss, Øivind Stahr says: ‘Our new 99mm can holds 0.75L as a standard and is an important and strategic development on site in order to meet market requirements and needs.

The new product has been developed at the technical department in Skanem Moss and the production line was installed spring 2011. First order went live June 2011 within the paint segment. There is also, according to Øivind Stahr, a potential to expand the offer to other product categories such as pet food and food products. When asked if there are competitors in the market for this product, Øivind Stahr replies that the size already exists, but not the exact can solution in terms of design and functionality: ‘It has a specially developed top and bottom to make it flexible and user-friendly as well as easy to stack.’

The product is also according to Øivind Stahr very user friendly and flexible: ‘It has a large opening at the top, which means you can easily use larger paint brushes as well as easily pour the content and get all content out of the can. We also see that women often paint the smaller details. With this new can it easier for them to hold the can whilst painting because of the size.’ Standard is 99mm diameter with a 119mm height, where the height can be adjusted, but the standard volume within the paint industry is 0.75L.

Shelf appeal
The specially designed bottom makes stacking easier and more stable; this optimises presentation of products in store, according to Øivind Stahr: ‘The cans are easier to stack and therefore represent an optimised way of presenting products in store. The easy and stable stacking makes the visibility better, which again reinforces the branding information printed on the cans as it is always visible in the correct way at the correct angle. This helps marketing the product in store at point of sale.’ Skanem Moss does offset print on metal packaging products in house.