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October 1, 2015

Skanem has always aimed to be a preferred labelling partner and to offer innovative solutions to customers. The latest innovation at Skanem, the Tabbed P&R label lives up to this promise.

Skanem has developed an absolutely new label called the Multi-coloured Tabbed P&R label. This label allows brands, for the first time ever, to use multiple colours and illustrations on the inside pages of a Peel and Read label. Skanem is the only label supplier in the Western European market that can offer the Multi-coloured Tabbed P&R label at the moment. This is a huge opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and stand out.

The tabs compartmentalise the information, giving quick access to the most relevant information. The tabs can be multi-coloured to make them more visible and can have information printed on them in the form of text or image so that they also function as an index. For example, with the national flags printed on the tabs, it will be so much easier for the user to peel open the exact page which has information in their preferred language.

The Multi-coloured Tabbed P&R label allows brands to go that extra mile and make sure that relevant product information is presented in a more attractive and user friendly manner. This encourages end users to use products in the right way, which leads to a positive brand experience.

Paul Jones, Sales Director Western Europe says “This is a first for all markets, multicolour pages inside peel n read labels, up until now they are usually just one colour text. This opens up the scope of the labels to new and existing customers by adding value to the design of the product and will also open up the door to the promo markets. The tabbed pages makes it super simple to open and we can even put coloured flags on the tabs to show the consumers exactly what page to open for their language content. ” 

At present Skanem is the only labelling supplier in the market that offers the Multi-coloured Tabbed P&R label. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to stand out from their customers.

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