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June 22, 2011
Skanem honoured at the yearly Finat Awards

FINAT recently announced the winners of this year’s label awards competition where Skanem won four major prizes and several Highly Commended diplomas!

The winning Skanem labels 2011:

Skanem Poznan 
Category Award: Marketing and End-users 
Alcoholic Drinks
Label: ‘Zubrówka 1L Czysta Wódka’

The judges’ comments were: ‘The flexo, offset litho, screen and cold stamping processes have combined to produce an excellent label full of interest. The illustration of the animal in a snow scene contrasts nicely with the faint blue trees. The liberal use of cold foiling adds depth to the result. The italic lettering is very legible and the background seal adds distinction. The registration is spot on considering all the elements which go into making this label such a good example.’

Skanem Poznan 
Category Award: Marketing and End-users 
Label: ‘Oriflame Booklet’

The judges’ comments were: ‘It is getting more difficult to fit information onto normal single sided labels. This label overcomes this obstacle by producing a six page booklet with all the required ingredients information in addition to more than 30 languages describing the product. All of this has been achieved by over printing a red background in gold on a filmic substrate whilst keeping the text legible using a combination of letterpress and offset litho printing techniques. The use of gold foil on the “cover” gives the label a luxurious look. The swirling background design breaks up the monotony of the solid red.'

Skanem Skurup AB
Category Award: Marketing and End-users 
Household Products 
Label: ‘Sun’

Judges comments were: ‘The quality of the flexo printing is very good with the holographic substrate adding depth to the label. The contrast of the silver substrate, the deep blue background and the red Sun logo gives an almost 3D effect. The white bordering to the type makes it stand out more clearly. We particularly like the dot structure of this entry.’   

Skanem Hobro A/S
Category Award: Marketing and End-users 
Industrial Products
Label: ‘Kosangas’

Judges comments were: ‘A straightforward screen printing job which has high light fastness and is weather resistant. The opaque white film substrate gives the label strength so that it lasts for several refills of the cylinder. The white border defines the edges of the label and separates it from the cylinder which is the same colour as the label. Lamination gives the ultimate resistance to weather conditions.’ 

Skanem’s Highly Commended awards.
Skanem was also awarded quite a few Highly Commended diplomas this year. Skanem Hobro won a record total of 7 Highly Commended diplomas!  Details below:

Skanem Hobro A/S x 7: Golden Pirate, Möllers Tran, Fiber Wax, Gosh colour rescue shampoo, Idun Tomatketchup, Den Aegte Bornholmersennep, Jule Akvavit.

Skanem Poznan x 5: Skanem promotional label, Plyne, Ludwik balsam Malinowy, Elf competition Sti back, Becel booklet.

Skanem Liverpool x 2: Palmolive hygiene-plus, Palmolive kitchen hand wash anti odor.

Skanem Skurup x 2: Gray's, Örtagård

Skanem Willich GmbH: Teekanne

Finat stated in their comments to the award, that there is a trend towards increasing number of entries for the Marketing and End-Users Group, which this year had more than 200 entries. This, coupled with a higher than average quality level, made according to the organisers the selection of the eventual winners very difficult. Consequently there were many more Highly Commended awards this year.

Some of the Skanem winners from this year’s competition will be entered in the World Label Awards competition which will take place just before Labelexpo Europe in September. From last year’s FINAT award winners, two of Skanem’s entries became a World Label Award winner.  

FINAT, founded in Paris in 1958 and headquartered in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. With 600 members in over 50 countries around the world, FINAT has much to offer to label converters and all suppliers to the labeling industry in terms of information exchange and the opportunity to network internationally.