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March 19, 2010
Skanem Moss expands product offering with new 25 Litre cans

In order to meet customers’ changing demands and needs within metal packaging, Skanem Moss, Skanem Group's only metal packaging site, saw it as necessary to amend their product offering and get into production of 25 Litre cans in addition to their existing product range.

With the new 25 Litre can, Skanem Moss will further strengthen their position with existing customers as well as potential new customers and Managing Director on site, Øivind Stahr, believes this opens up for more opportunities for Skanem Moss: ‘Except for a better offer to our existing customer base, we can also move more into the chemical/technical segment, as they seem to have a greater need for larger cans.’

Effective use of existing machinery
Existing machinery is being used for the new size cans and production started January 2010. This means the site is able to produce the new size can in a cost efficient manner without incurring additional cost. The 25 Litre can only requires minor adjustments on the production line set-up.