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March 21, 2013
Skanem restructures in Eastern Europe for future growth

Skanem is currently in dialogue with customers in Russia to make sure the best possible solution for all their production runs is met throughout the changes. The company set-up in Moscow will continue but production will stop within the next few months. The employees have been informed of the organisational changes and the Management team in Eastern Europe are in dialogue with the employees in Moscow in order to find the best way forward through the changes. 

Russia still an interesting and important market. 
Executive Vice President Eastern Europe, Slawomir Lis, says: “We will work closely with our customers in Russia to ensure we can offer the best solution possible to the structural changes in our production set-up. Russia is still an important market for us. The Moscow site has however seen some profitability challenges that we now wanted to address. Mainly in making sure we secure a more sustainable and profitable growth in Eastern Europe. We believe these structural changes within the operational set-up will strengthen our position and profitability in the region and enable further growth in Eastern Europe.” 

A new regional set-up for Skanem Group. 
1st January 2013 Skanem organised its operation into 4 regions, each managed by an Executive Vice President and regional management teams. One of these regions is Eastern Europe; the others are Western Europe, Scandinavia and Asia/Africa. This development shows, according to CEO, Ole Rugland, a clear focus on all these areas as strategically important for Skanem Group: “We believe the new regional set-up will secure a sustainable business growth and through this we will be able to offer more value to our customers.”