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February 19, 2013
World Label Award to Skanem Scandinavia

The “Giva Grass GTI” label was entered into the World Label Award after winning a major prize in last year’s Finat competition, where it received a Highly Commended Diploma. It then went on to win more recognition and the label picked up a 2012 World Label Award within the category Flexo Colour Press.

The label is produced by Skanem Scandinavia, at the Skurup site in Sweden. The World Label Awards Association is a global competition in which currently 7 continents are participating: USA (TLMI), Japan (JFLP), Europe (FINAT), Australia (LATMA), New Zealand (SALMA), India (LMAI) and China (PEIAC).

In order for companies to compete and to win an award, their entry has to win a prize in their own local label awards competition first.